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  • Ditch the disposables – wipes are gross!

    N.B. Gross content alert! Did you know…. that there are several little islands and reefs in the Thames made up of tens of thousands of wipes? How GROSS is that?! And worse still, the ‘Thames Great Wet Wipe Reef’ (as it’s known by those amazing volunteers who monitor it) is growing. A survey revealed that one …

  • Aromatherapy Awareness Week

    Aromatherapy Awareness Week is an initiative created by the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA). The IFA pioneered aromatherapy in the NHS, which is why aromatherapy is as accepted by the medical profession, as it is today. The practice of aromatherapy is both an art and science. Like yoga in the early days, despite being thousands …

  • Ditch the disposables – plastic bathroom bottles.

    We’re all trying to reduce or eliminate single-use plastics from our homes and businesses and toiletries can be a big headache. Plastic bottles are lighter, easy to handle and to clean, and safer for bathrooms. Glass has more appeal and is infinitely recyclable. What material should we choose to bottle our Organic Washroom range? ‘Replacing …

  • Dorset Skincare Brand Celebrates South West Tourism Awards

    There was no red carpet. No fancy gowns. No flashing of light bulbs and smiling, blushing faces. But that didn’t mean that the final of the South West Tourism Awards was any less exciting or wonderful than it usually is. In a year where the tourism industry has taken an unprecedented knock the South West …

  • Sticky Lemon Drizzle cake – gluten-free & full of sunshine.

    I made this for Easter Weekend and it was a favourite. The addition of coconut flour and ground almonds gives the cake a texture somewhere between a polenta cake or a baked cheesecake. (See below for variations on this, and other notes.) So, by request, this is for my dear sister Rachel and cousin Lizzie, …

  • Natural and acquired immunity – how can we support both?

    There is increasing evidence to demonstrate the relationship between emotional stress and the depletion of our immune system, which also serves to explain how and why yoga & breathing can support and strengthen it. In the body, the main agent of our immune system is our blood, a clear fluid (plasma) containing red and white …

  • Morning & evening yoga stretches for people in a hurry.

    In the Morning: If you have a busy day, you know it pays to get organized, and that includes looking after your body. Think about your normal morning routine and find a slot for this quick yoga sequence, perhaps as you wait for the kettle to boil. It takes less than five minutes and is …

  • Yoga Detox for your liver

    Physically, there are many symptoms of liver imbalance from the obvious to the very subtle, such as feeling a lump in the throat, or problems with tendons or eyes. One of the first signs is related to your emotions, specifically your temper: are you suffering from anger, stubbornness, aggression or irritation? When you’re thinking about …

  • Go with your gut!

    Reasons to include abdominal massage in your treatments: Hannah talks about gut health and the link between brain and gut function.

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