• Sticky Lemon Drizzle cake – gluten-free & full of sunshine.

    I made this for Easter Weekend and it was a favourite. The addition of coconut flour and ground almonds gives the cake a texture somewhere between a polenta cake or a baked cheesecake. (See below for variations on this, and other notes.) So, by request, this is for my dear sister Rachel and cousin Lizzie, …

  • Brown Banana Ice Cream

    Quick, easy and vegan – this dessert is lovely all year round with a variety of toppings!

  • Cider Poached pears with spices and toasted almonds

    This delicious recipe by Florence is the perfect end to any dinner. Quick and easy, plus it’s suitable for all dietary needs.

  • Quinoa Bread – low carb/high protein

    Quinoa Bread – super quick to make and delicious drizzled with olive oil. If you’re low-carb AND wheat-free, you might be missing your bread, so this is a welcome addition to your staple diet. Mix together the dry ingredients in a bowl: 100g Oat Bran 150g cooked quinoa (cover grains with water/boil ten mins. Always …

  • Hayley’s Oat Bran Bread

      As a wheat-free foodie, I love this ‘bread’ and I make this probably twice a week. It’s become a big part of our diet, which is really saying something when you live the man who literally wrote the book on bread! What Daniel Stevens doesn’t know about baking isn’t worth knowing, so the fact that he’s adopted …

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