• Hannah & Hayley’s FAQ

    How long has Lovegrove Essentials been up and running, and why did you decide to set up the business? HDB: The brand had been an idea we had discussed for a number of years, but the company as you see it now is about 5 years old. We wanted to create a beautiful range of skincare that harnessed …

  • Healing Touch Serum – small but powerful. 

    Want to make the most of your Healing Touch Serum? Here’s all the ways it can be used, and the skinfluencers that love it!

  • Go with your gut!

    Reasons to include abdominal massage in your treatments: Hannah talks about gut health and the link between brain and gut function.

  • Lovegrove Essentials Massage Balms.

    Full information on Lovegrove Essentials range of Massage Balms. Suitable for all forms of body & head massage, reflexology and hand or foot treatments.

  • Massage Balms – FAQ

    Want to learn more about Lovegrove Essentials’ professional Massage Balms? Here’s our top 5 FAQ…

  • Detox your skin… Before January!

    Hayley shows us what’s inside the Lovegrove Essentials Clean & Natural Kit – the perfect at-home facial in a box!

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