• Aromatherapy Awareness Week

    Aromatherapy Awareness Week is an initiative created by the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA). The IFA pioneered aromatherapy in the NHS, which is why aromatherapy is as accepted by the medical profession, as it is today. The practice of aromatherapy is both an art and science. Like yoga in the early days, despite being thousands …

  • Natural and acquired immunity – how can we support both?

    There is increasing evidence to demonstrate the relationship between emotional stress and the depletion of our immune system, which also serves to explain how and why yoga & breathing can support and strengthen it. In the body, the main agent of our immune system is our blood, a clear fluid (plasma) containing red and white …

  • Hannah & Hayley’s FAQ

    How long has Lovegrove Essentials been up and running, and why did you decide to set up the business? HDB: The brand had been an idea we had discussed for a number of years, but the company as you see it now is about 5 years old. We wanted to create a beautiful range of skincare that harnessed …

  • Morning & evening yoga stretches for people in a hurry.

    In the Morning: If you have a busy day, you know it pays to get organized, and that includes looking after your body. Think about your normal morning routine and find a slot for this quick yoga sequence, perhaps as you wait for the kettle to boil. It takes less than five minutes and is …

  • Breathing for a better immune system

    Over many years as a Yoga teacher, I’m often surprised by how little we know about our breathing and how closely connected it is to the way our brains and bodies function. When our bodies respond to danger and stress through the ‘fight or flight response’, the release of adrenaline triggers changes in our bodies …

  • Detox your skin… Before January!

    Hayley shows us what’s inside the Lovegrove Essentials Clean & Natural Kit – the perfect at-home facial in a box!

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