• Aromatherapy Awareness Week

    Aromatherapy Awareness Week is an initiative created by the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA). The IFA pioneered aromatherapy in the NHS, which is why aromatherapy is as accepted by the medical profession, as it is today. The practice of aromatherapy is both an art and science. Like yoga in the early days, despite being thousands …

  • Ditch the disposables – plastic bathroom bottles.

    We’re all trying to reduce or eliminate single-use plastics from our homes and businesses and toiletries can be a big headache. Plastic bottles are lighter, easy to handle and to clean, and safer for bathrooms. Glass has more appeal and is infinitely recyclable. What material should we choose to bottle our Organic Washroom range? ‘Replacing …

  • Hannah & Hayley’s FAQ

    How long has Lovegrove Essentials been up and running, and why did you decide to set up the business? HDB: The brand had been an idea we had discussed for a number of years, but the company as you see it now is about 5 years old. We wanted to create a beautiful range of skincare that harnessed …

  • Brown Banana Ice Cream

    Quick, easy and vegan – this dessert is lovely all year round with a variety of toppings!

  • Our Toning Mist and all its uses

    Learn about Lovegrove Essentials multitasking natural and organic, clean, green, skin care products.

  • Healing Touch Serum – small but powerful. 

    Want to make the most of your Healing Touch Serum? Here’s all the ways it can be used, and the skinfluencers that love it!

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