we aim to go beyond taking out “bad” ingredients, minimising waste, and recycling more. We want to choose better options and improve our products and processes, based on information about their impact on the environment and human health. This helps us go beyond regulatory requirements to continually improve our products and packaging.

However, we also have to be mindful of the safety of our products, our customers and their clients, and we have to weigh up competing priorities to come to an appropriate decision.


We want our customers to know that all our processes support our belief in a sustainable future for this planet. The choices we make are not always the cheapest – we believe in quality over quantity, and the ingredients we chose can be more expensive. We believe that our passion, commitment and intent will come through in the efficacy of our products.


    • Our printer paper is recycled
    • Our marketing folders are made from FSC-accredited card.
    • Our business cards are made from re-cycled cotton.
    • We share our offices to minimise our use of power and heat.
    • We encourage staff to take their breaks, to cook and eat a proper lunch, and to work flexibly in order to reduce stress levels.

    All these are important factors in reducing stress and supporting our health and well being.


When it comes to protecting the active ingredients of our products in bottles and jars, we look at the best/least worst option. We choose amber glass packaging for most of our products to protect the essential oils from light degradation. The black urea caps are the ‘least worst’ option in terms of choices currently available, and ours have a PVDC liner to prevent leakage, whilst helping preserve the active ingredients within. The lid liner is BPA-free.

Where we have had to choose plastic for safety reasons, such as the Massage Balms, we’re using PET jars, which are easily recycled and can be re-used. Although you may find the products in our parcels wrapped in bubble wrap, it may be recycled, and we hope you’ll re-use it too. If your products arrive in a jiffy bag, please open it carefully and re-use it.

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