Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and always has been. We research and select options to improve our products and processes, based on information about their impact on the environment and on human health. This helps us exceed the regulatory requirements and to continually improve our products and packaging. As COMSOS licence holders, customers can be satisfied that our ingredients, processes and products are checked annually to comply with the Soil Association’s certification standards.


We want our customers to know that all our processes support our belief in a sustainable future for this planet. We believe in quality over quantity, and although the ingredients and manufacturing processes we chose can be more expensive, they are less damaging to the environment. We believe that our passion, commitment and intent come through in the efficacy of our products.


We support businesses who choose to supply sustainable materials: our printer paper is recycled, our business cards are made from re-cycled cotton, our marketing folders are made from FSC-accredited card.

We look at the carbon footprint of our business and make sure we have considered the environmental impact of our choices.  For instance, we share our offices to minimise our use of power and heat. We use click-and-drop for deliveries to minimise the traffic movements on our rural roads.

We are mindful of the commitments made by our staff to the company and strive to provide a happy, nourishing work environment for them. For instance, we encourage staff to take their breaks, to cook and eat a proper lunch. We provide flexible working to support families and reduce stress levels.


When it comes to protecting the active ingredients of our products, we choose clear or amber glass packaging, which protects the essential oils from light degradation. The black urea caps are the ‘least-worst’ option in terms of choices currently available, and ours have a PVDC liner to prevent leakage whilst helping preserve the active ingredients within. The lid liner is BPA-free.

Where we choose plastic for safety reasons, we use 100% PCRP (post consumer recycled plastic), followed by PET jars, which are easily recycled and can be re-used. We use paper and corn starch products to ship our products and recycle all the packaging we receive at our premises, either for our own deliveries or at our local waste transfer station.

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