We have a range of courses for the complete beginner to the experienced therapist, to enhance your facial & body massage skills and learn about the world of natural & organic skin care.

Our courses are held at Saddle Street Farm, close to the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. We have accommodation for those coming from a distance. Numbers are limited – only four or six per course, so please book in good time.

Massage Techniques for Beginners – 4th August / 21st October 2021
Enhanced Facial Massage Techniques – 5th August / 22nd October 2021
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One Day course to enhance your skills and learn new techniques.


  • Learn simple massage techniques to comfort loved ones, to ease their tension and relieve their pain.
  • The act of laying on hands, of touching thoughtfully and with care is beneficial to the giver as well as the receiver.
  • You’ll watch a demonstration & then follow-through various massage sequences for the face & head, neck & shoulders, hands and feet to develop your skills & techniques.
  • You will also learn some useful anatomy & physiology.
  • Bring a friend or partner to practice on!
  • Accommodation is available in single or twin rooms. Please ask for details.


PRICE: £125 pp (inc VAT)
INCLUDES: Course materials, tuition & lunch.
DURATION: 5 hours

Please enquire.

One Day course to enhance your skills and learn new techniques.
Professional Serum

ENHANCED FACIAL MASSAGE – techniques for the Professional Therapist

  • Demonstration & follow-through of Lovegrove Essentials unique upper body massage to develop your skills & techniques for face, head, scalp, neck & shoulders.
  • Incorporates the Marma Points on face, neck and head for deep stress relief and ‘natural facelift’ techniques.
  • Refresh your knowledge of anatomy & physiology, discuss some of the new research & findings.
  • Explore the natural & organic skin care market, essential oils & sample a range of products.
  • Accommodation is available in single or twin rooms. Please ask for details.

SUITABLE FOR: massage therapists, facial therapists, spas & salons.

PRICE: £145 pp (plus VAT)
INCLUDES: Course materials, tuition & lunch.
DURATION: 6 hours
COURSE REQUIREMENTS: experienced facial & body therapists (2 year minimum).

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One day course to master new techniques for deep relaxation for both body and mind.
Lovegrove Essentials Treatments


  • This unique course to demonstrates tools and techniques you can use to significantly enhance your client’s experience during a treatment.
  • The techniques bring about a profoundly deeper relaxation for the client, with many additional physiological and psychological benefits.
  • Through direct personal experience during the course, you will feel the effects of the techniques and understand the overall wellness benefits for your clients and students.
  • These techniques can also be used to create a stand-alone treatments for your clients. You can also incorporate them into one-to-one treatments for stress management, relaxation and mindful breathing.
  • Refresh and update your knowledge of anatomy & physiology.
  • Discuss some of the new research & findings into stress, relaxation and their effects on wellness.
  • This is a very practical course: we begin each day with some gentle yoga so come suitably dressed!
  • Accommodation is available in single or twin rooms. Please ask for details.
PRICE: £145 pp (plus VAT)
INCLUDES: Course materials, tuition & lunch.
DURATION: 6 hours
COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Facial & Body massage therapists (5 year minimum experience).

Please enquire.

Improve your product knowledge to deliver valuable retail sales
Clean & Natural
  • High-level retail techniques, including identifying client requirements and how to help clients choose effective self-care products.
  • Useful key facts about the natural & organic cosmetic market, regulation, products & ingredients.
  • A thorough introduction to the Lovegrove Essentials product range, including a sample box of all products.
  • Special discounts on purchases make this training extremely cost-effective for individuals and groups.
  • Training delivered online and in person.


SUITABLE FOR retailers & individuals interested in learning more about client-focussed sales of natural & organic products, spas & salons taking the Lovegrove Essentials Professional & Retail ranges.
PRICE: £95 pp (plus VAT) Group rates available.
DURATION: 4 hours
COURSE REQUIREMENTS: some high-end retail sales experience.

Please enquire.

An accredited two day course covering the valuable Lovegrove Essentials signature facial.
FHT Logo
Clients Feedback
LOVEGROVE ESSENTIALS HEALING TOUCH – a signature facial therapy treatment that provides a Wellness treatment for the whole body (FHT accredited)

The Lovegrove Essentials Professional range combined with specialist body positioning provides a holistic, deeply relaxing & rejuvenating treatment for face, body & mind. The techniques you will learn are designed to maximise the opportunity to stimulate the lymph system & relieve stress at a cellular level. The facial techniques deeply cleanse and detoxify the skin, enhance circulation, soften muscles and relieve tension. After the treatment, clients report feeling deeply rested, quietly alert, centred & composed, with a more positive frame of mind.

  • Understand more about head & neck massage, Marma Points, offer new & innovative holistic facial treatments to your clients.
  • Refresh & add to your knowledge of anatomy & physiology and learn new massage techniques.
  • Understand the formulation & use of the products, how to create freshly prepared herbal extracts and an enzyme peel.
  • Incorporate a range of high quality natural, organic & vegan products into your menu of treatment and services.
  • Develop your retail skills to give your clients the best advice & effective products for use at home.

The course is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists & counts 17 points towards your CPD. After successful completion of the four modules, you will receive a certificate of achievement from Lovegrove Essentials. This allows you to use the logo & trademark to advertise the Lovegrove Essentials Facial Therapy Treatment.

SUITABLE FOR: salons, spas & experienced facial & body therapists interested in offering luxury organic treatments with a retail range; skills enhancement & gaining a new qualification.
PRICE: £235 pp (plus VAT) / group rates available
DURATION: 9.30 – 5.00/9.30 – 4.00
COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Level 3 Award or Diploma with a minimum 2 years treatment/salon experience. Case studies and reflective work also required to achieve the accreditation.

Please enquire.

Lovegrove Essentials Massage Balms
BALMS for hand, foot & body treatments.
  • These extremely popular massage balms are particularly effective for sports therapy, reflexology, Kansa Wand massage, myofascial release, manicure/pedicure and body massage.
  • The massage balms are made with rice bran wax ready-blended with therapeutic quantities of essential oils to provide a range of practical and aromatherapeutic benefits that contribute to the quality and efficacy of your treatments.
  • Both the contact and slippage are smooth and consistent.
  • They condition and moisturise the skin with no oily residue.
  • Their ‘dry’ texture is suitable for myofascial release and reflexology treatments.
  • Extremely practical, they are non-staining and there is no spillage.
  • Email info@lovegroveessentials.com for details about our wholesale options.
The Professional Range for Salons & Spas.
  • High quality, effective natural & organic skin care products blended with therapeutic quantities of essential oils.
  • Professional sizes of the key products used in facial therapy, head & body massage, manicure/pedicure, hairdressing.
  • The products are cruelty-free, vegan & suitable for all skin types. See the individual products for specific guidance.
  • Dedicated wholesale pages and order form for quick & easy online ordering.
  • Please email us (info@lovegroveessentials.com) for information about becoming a wholesale stockist.
The Organic Washroom.
  • Attractive and highly effective, these COSMOS-certified organic body care products.
  • Three sizes – 60ml Mini, 250ml and 5 litre Refill for amber glass or 100% recycled plastic 250ml bottles.
  • Hand & Body Wash, Hand & Body Lotion, all-over Wash for Hair & Body, Foaming Bath & Body Wash.
  • Bespoke lockable wall brackets in black or steel.
  • Email info@lovegroveessentials.com for more information and prices.
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