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WELLNESS BREATH CLASSES: Respiratory health is closely connected to our state of mind, to our hormonal and immune systems, and our ability to manage mental and physical challenges. Effective, healthy breathing promotes a restful state of mind and better sleep. The specific sequence of stretches, breath work and relaxation in these classes will encourage better breathing and strengthen your immune system. Suitable for Beginners.
Thursdays 11.00 am £8 per person – 60 minutes

INTERMEDIATE YOGA WORKSHOPS: These workshops are interactive. We look at ways of practicing poses from the Intermediate syllabus, how and when props might be helpful or when they are not, and how the postures link together to build your understanding of more complex or demanding postures. For experienced students only.
Thursday 9.30 am £8 per person – 60 minutes

SPA FACIAL & SKINCARE WORKSHOPS: Prepare for your new normal with an overhaul of your skin care and make up regime. Hannah demonstrates a step-by step online sequence which you can follow with your own products to give yourself a top-class facial treatment at home. Then get your make up bag out and we can talk through what needs to go, and what needs refreshing.
Private classes Thurs/Fri £40 – 50 minutes.


TOUCH THERAPY: in these fun, interactive online group classes, Hannah will demonstrate and guide you through the techniques you need to offer therapeutic touch. This type of touch differs from normal, daily activities such as hugging someone, or helping them to wash & dress. This type of touch is therapeutic: it benefits the physical body, soothes the nervous system, eases the mind and calms the emotions. Touch Therapy can address issues that fundamentally affect our quality of life, things like loneliness, low self-esteem, anxiety and stress. For the giver, these classes teach you how to deliver simple touch therapy (with or without PPE) in such a way that you feel the benefits too.You’ll be amazed at what you can learn in a session, and it works for the giver as well as the receiver!

We’ll work on a different area each week – the hands, feet, neck & shoulders etc. – to build your skills and confidence.

Classes begin in August, every other Wednesday 11 am £15 per 60-minute session for 2 people, so you can both practice your skills and enjoy a massage during each session. Private group classes can also be arranged.


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